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New NSW HSC Syllabus

Senior Mathematics by Steve Howard

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This was AMAZING!

Excellent. Clear and concise. A great confidence boost for teaching this course.

Jodie Handley

Toongabbie Christian College

Year 11 Trigonometry & Rates of Change

Teach the new syllabus with confidence

What's included?

PDF handouts

86 Hours of video tutorials

Written exercises

Geogebra files 

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Meet the expert

Steve Howard

Whoever said mathematics can’t be creative never met a real mathematician. Steve is a Mathematics Teacher at Cowra High School in Central West NSW, where he has taught for over 25 years.


He has also taught gifted and talented students online through xsel and Aurora College. He has a particular love and passion for Mathematics Extension 2, writing his own textbook and study resources for the new syllabus, which you can access from any of his courses.


He loves finding more efficient techniques for solving mathematical questions when there must be a better way. Steve did 4 Unit Mathematics as a student, gaining a mark of 198/200 and training as an actuary.


Working in an office in the city wasn’t for him, and retrained as a maths teacher.  Steve lives in an owner built mud house in the country, with chickens, goats and rescued native birds (which you will sometimes hear in his recordings)!!

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We all became comfortable and confident in what we were doing with the old courses.


One of the main aims of this series is to provide you as teachers with that same level of comfort and confidence as soon as possible.


So you can get on with teaching!

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" This course was fantastic!

Really easy to navigate your way through at your own pace. Syllabus references to new and old course, what has moved from Extension 1 to Extension 2 and provided HSC style questions/solutions is very valuable. New to teaching or experienced teachers teaching this content for the first time will find this course very valuable. 


No hesitation to recommend this course. "

Kristian Oates

St Augustines' College - Brookvale, Sydney


Year 12 Proof and Vectors 

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